Mulch, Firewood & Other Products

Being conscientious about the bi-products that are created from the work we perform is very important to us. We take a great sense of pride in turning what most companies would waste back into valuable assets for both the consumer as well as the land. Below you will find some of products and uses we create with the fruits of our labor. All products are environmentally-friendly and free from dies and chemicals.

  • Wood chips are created from tree limbs and brush that we process when pruning and removing trees. We always offer to leave chips on site for our clients to use for mulch. In addition to mulch, wood chips can be turned into compost and loam when mixed with other material. Wood chips are also being used as a source of energy through new innovated processes.
  • Larger hard wood is used for firewood. Some can be turned into saw logs for lumber if it's feasible to remove in the proper dimensions.
  • Larger softwood is also turned into saw logs when possible. Less desirable is cut and split to be used in larger furnace applications where soot and creosote may not play a factor as it would with a normal residential chimney.
  • Soil excavated is stockpiled and repurposed after screening as loam or if undesirable can be used as clean fill.
  • Leaves and clippings can be turned to compost for gardens and planting amendments.

We are always happy to leave bi-products from your project at your residence for you to repurpose. If that's not your cup of tea, we have a location where materials can be picked up by appointment or we can always deliver or install these products at your request. 

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